• Mary Lojkine

    Mary Lojkine

    NZer in London, product manager at Trinity Mirror, travelling feet first in a green kayak. Personal views, not employer’s

  • Rosaly Bristow

    Rosaly Bristow

  • Ethan Resnick

    Ethan Resnick

    Developer–designer. Into politics, journalism, philosophy.

  • Steve Cottle

    Steve Cottle

    UX Consultant. Photography, art and illustration are good things. http://juststeve.vsco.co

  • Julien Dassonval

    Julien Dassonval

    ⚡ → Freelance Digital Executive Producer & Project Director → Founder of wadp.com →We talk about #digitalproduction #projectmanagement #ux #mobile #code #design

  • Michael Allan

    Michael Allan

    Designer at Clearleft. Dad of 2, husband to 1, lover of Mountains, boarding in a variety of guises and the great outdoors.

  • Julie Whitlock

    Julie Whitlock

  • Shantul Sharma

    Shantul Sharma

    MBA student at Henley Business School; Team Leader; Agilist; Aspiring Product Manager; Early Adopter; Football Crazy - not necessarily in that order.

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